I get it. You may not know me. I may not know you. You probably want to find out what it’s like to work with me. Well, below are a few testimonials from people who found my work good enough to write up a little something-something. 😄And no, these are not paid actors. I don’t have the money and that would be weird.

Heather Watkins
Better Impact Marketing

“Diana is an extremely talented content marketer with a fantastic ability to understand complicated topics quickly. I’ve leveraged her talents at several of my clients and they are always very pleased with the end results – a custom piece in their tone and written for their industry.”

Bilal Mahmood

“Diana is hands-down one of the best content marketers I’ve ever worked with. She compiled and edited an 150 page eBook we launched at ClearBrain, displaying intelligence, attention-to-detail, and discipline of a 10-year veteran. And no matter the topics – which ranged from AB testing to Ad Campaigns – Diana was able to research / outline / construct content from 1 page of bullet points into 5 pages of content indistinguishable from a domain expert. I would hands down work with her again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend her.”