*Stares out into the distance thinking, “How much longer do I have to hold this pose?”*

Who is Diana Arteaga?

Let me just start off by saying that I’m flattered you wanted to learn more about me! Unless you got here by accident? In that case, I’m grateful fate let us cross paths on this day.

Ok, so there are two answers to this question: who I am at work (as a professional) and who I am “in the wild” (what I do outside of work). So let’s find out.

At work👩🏽‍💻

I’m a freelance copywriter with a passion for user experience (UX) design. My favorite part of my job is when I get to work cross-functionally, like working with the design team to create high performing, beautiful landing pages.

I am looking to leverage my writing skills and passion for UX to design for amazing experiences.  As a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, I’m currently taking these courses:

  • Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide
  • User Experience: The Beginner’s Guide
  • Become a UX Designer from Scratch

The majority of my experience has been with B2B software startups, but I am also interested in working in social impact companies.


My values guide me in everything I put effort into. Here are my most important values:

  • Adaptability
  • Inclusivity
  • Growth-mindedness
  • Human-centric
  • Ethical

“In the wild”🌲

As proof that I am a living, breathing and feeling human being, here are some things I like to do outside of work:


This is different from the type of writing I do for work. The blog posts I write as a hobby don’t have any real, coherent theme. The topic for each post all depends on what crazy ideas I conjure up in my mind the moment I sit at my computer.

Sometimes I write about imposter syndrome, other times I come up with fake diseases to rationalize my obsession with travel. I even have a post full of pictures of a stuffed animal touring Lisbon.

In other words, my blog is all over the place and I like it that way. 😌


I’ve lived in four different countries outside of my native USA and traveled to seven more on top of that. I love the challenges that living abroad presents, and I love speaking a language outside of English on the daily. This is why my I love remote work.

Performing Arts

I’m not an actress and I admit, I know nothing about performing arts. But I love the emotional and sometimes cringe-worthy rollercoaster ride that is improv. I also love becoming engrossed in theatrical scenes that aren’t being mediated by a stable internet connection and a screen that is possibly burning my corneas and ruining my night vision.

That’s a good summary for now. Now, I want to learn about YOU. Contact me so we can chat! About UX, travel, whales, popcorn toppings, tech and whatever else – work appropriate – your brilliant mind comes up with. I’d love to hear it.