When you visit new places and meet new people, whether that be in another country or a city down the road, you learn that there are different ways to live and view the world.

One thing I quickly picked up on here in Lisbon is the people’s interesting relationship to animals. Specifically, pigeons.

The pigeons here seem to get away with more things that any other pigeons I’ve encountered. For one, I have yet to see anyone try to run them out of their stores or even so much acknowledge their presence as a possible bother to their clients (not a bother to me, of course, I think they’re entertaining). In California, I never saw so much as a fly within a store.

That’s why I started the hashtag #PigeonsInLisbon. It’s both hilarious (to me) but also a reminder of the different relationships to nature that people around the world have. And with that, here are some of the photos I’ve taken of these funny creatures.

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Round the World with Rainicorn

Before I left for Portugal, my best friend gave me a Lady Rainicorn plushie from the show Adventure Time to keep me company on my travels.

The following photos are photos Lady Rainicorn commissioned me to take. Click on a photo for a quick, sassy description from our favorite flying rainbow unicorn!