FEM Tech ❤ Girls in Tech Collab: Exploring Roles in Technology

UPDATE: We won an Oski Award for Best Event of the Year!

On April 7th, 2016, my event planning team and I at FEM Tech Berkeley and Girls in Tech SF collaborated to host Exploring Roles in the Tech Industry, an event aimed at college-aged women of all majors. We believe that unfamiliarity with the types of roles available in the tech world poses as a barrier to entry for students to pursue careers in technology.

This event was about helping young women explore the different roles that are available in the tech world, from product managers, data scientists, to marketing strategists. We were graced by the presence of CEOS and representatives from various companies and startups, including:

  • Liz Klinger, CEO @ Lioness
  • Dennie Bates, Customer Success Manager @ Github
  • Joanne Choi, Product Operations Associate @ Linkedin
  • Rachel Bird, Web Developer @ FinTech
  • Marta Soledad, Founder @ madeBOS
  • Linh Le, Video Content Producer @ Buildfire
  • Laura Cain, Venture Capitalist @ Thomvest Ventures

Our panelists gave us honest, thoughtful advice about confidence and workday realities…

and kicking off our careers.

An important theme for the night was the importance of a having support system and continuing to challenge the status quo.

And the amazing team that it took to put on this event.❤

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